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About Us

Learn about our history and work


GOSHEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP HUB (Pty) Ltd is a professional consultancy firm specialising in the field of Economic development providing an array of services to both the Private and Public sectors. Provision of our services is underpinned by a wealth of professionalism and experience in the fields that we operate in.


GOSHEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP HUB (Pty) Ltd combines specialised skills, extensive experience, professional ethics and personal service delivery to provide appropriate and practical economically viable solutions that seek to achieve optimum results whilst achieving maximum value for money through integrated solutions that take into account: Client’s goals, national priorities as well global priorities and thus affecting both economic and environmental sustainability.


A tailor made and customised approach for each client ensures maximum benefit for each project or programme that we undertake.

Goshen Entrepreneurship Hub


Our Operations are under pinned by our values which aim to achieve GROWTH in all activities that we partake in for our clients, associates, and employees. All of our values combined together they will drive GROWTH.


Our core values are:


Guidance – Reliability – Openness – Wilfulness – Teamwork – Honesty

Goshen Entrepreneurship Hub
Goshen Entrepreneurship Hub


GEH prides itself with a team possessing a wealth of experience in providing services to clients in a number of industries including but not limited to: Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, Energy, Agriculture as well as different spheres of the Public sector.


The level of knowledge and experience allows GEH:


• Thorough understanding of local, regional and global dynamics.
• Ability to create customised, practical solutions that meet the unique needs of each client
• Provision of well-informed innovative solutions.
• Sound research and analytical techniques
• Professional services and quality products

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